Bringing Marriage to Life

Through coopertive ministry initiatives

Theology of Marriage

The nature of marriage has changed more in the last century than any other epoch in human history. The dignity and definition of marriage face increasing opposition from a culture fearful of making a distinction lest it appear to be discrimination.

B2T has been partnering with John Trent of the Gary Chapman School of Marriage Counseling at Moody Seminary and leaders in the marriage movement and seminary community for months laying the groundwork for a mutli-disciplinary Theology of Marriage. This book will give the Christian community a place to stand—not to fight a new round of culture wars—but to demonstrate the beauty of God’s design for Marriage.

This work is designed not to be a response to the culture but a proactive call to God’s people to focus their energies on their own marriage and the marriages of those around them. Long before marriage was a judicial, political or social issue it was a theological issue. Right thinking proceeds personal and culture change.

Mentor Conference

Healthy relationships are the foundations of healthy marriages. And there is no better way to model and cultivate healthy relationships than mentoring. That is why Between Two Trees Ministries created the annual Mentor Conference.

The Mentor Conference champions the critical need for men and women of all ages to be—and to find—a mentor. Focusing on leadership, marketplace, marriage and youth/fatherless relationships, this two-day event will inspire and educate using short-form presentations, breakout groups, and informal interactions with over 15 speakers throughout the conference.

The 2015 Mentor Conference will hosted by Lake Avenue Church Pasadena October 9-10, 2015.

Between Two Tree’s will also be running a Mentor Clinic, an intensive weeklong development platform for mentors who desire to quickly build their skills and experience. Coming May 2016!

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Organizational Consulting

Curt and Rhonda Hamner have created, led, refined, and partnered with dozens of organizations seeking to build healthy marriages within their spheres of influence.

In addition to their coaching, speaking, and writing efforts, they are available to churches, ministries, and other organizations facing a critical opportunity—or crossroad— in their marriage related ministry. They provide leadership mentoring, connections to other like-minded organizations, and workshops that will help your organization cast a strong and clear vision for strengthening the marriages, families, and communities within your constituency.

You’re not the first organization to try this, and you’re not alone. Reach out for feedback on your existing plan or to start fresh with partners who have been where you’re going.

Partner with us

We depend on the generous support of organizations and individuals who are as committed as we are to bringing marriage to life through passion, commitment, and intimacy.

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